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I finally moved to fayeredgrave . This time friends-only C:
I know I'm the most unreliable person when it comes to post on LJ frequently and that I tatally deserve a punishment for my absence, but if you still want to be my friend I'll be extremely happy to have you back! I promise I'll become more responsible >_</
kobato &lt;3

Maaaaaaaany icons xD

Kyaaaaaaaaaa.. I had these icons ready for more than a month, and I never posted them xD Yesterday I made other icons so I pot them all here.

Total [69]
Old ones [57]
x Code Geass [12]
x Mermaid Melody [36]
x The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi [9]
New ones [18]
x Rozen Maiden [9]
x ef - a fairy tale of the two [6]
x Adumi Tohru [3]


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Matta ne!